Hundreds of Ideas You Can Use to Ignite Your Creativity and Produce Distinctive Paintings

210 Imaginative Ideas
for Painting

Turn to this indispensable resource for originating new painting concepts from the tried and true to the truly avant-garde. This book is text-only, covering landscape, still life, figurative abstracts, and more. It includes everything from practical advice on ways to stay organized to how to stay inspired.

Inside you’ll find:

  • hundreds of concepts for paintings
  • how to identify what inspires you
  • unusual methods with innovative materials
  • advice, answers, and resources for artists of every style

This book is about painting ideas, not painting techniques. Any idea can be interpreted in any medium. Let an idea point you in a direction. Then, take off on your creative path… and leave a painted trail.

210 Imaginative Ideas for Painting

166 Pages

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Book 1: 151 Uncommon and Amazing Art Studio Secrets
Book 2: 151 Effective and Extraordinary Art Studio Secrets

As an artist, I’ve discovered and learned hundreds of tips and techniques that have deepened my experience in creating art and have advanced my abilities. Now I’ve collected them in my two volume Art Studio Secrets book series and offer them to you. Each book presents this body of knowledge as quick and simple text passages that you can explore and adapt for yourself.

You will learn:

  • Intriguing Visual Illusions — Keep your audience wondering how they were done
  • The New Mixed Media — Unusual ways to work with acrylics, metallics, egg tempera, oil paints and even kitchen ingredients
  • Art Materials Redefined — New ideas for incorporating never-before-tried natural and man-made materials in your artwork
  • Penny Pinching Productivity — Cost-saving ways to obtain and manage your art tools and materials
  • Compelling Color and Composition — Understand their power and how to make deliberate choices to harness their emotional appeal
  • To Ignite Your Creative Spark Be inspired and get better results in your artwork

Volumes 1 and 2 each have different content covering drawing, tonal values, style, working with oils, acrylics, mixed media, collage, the creative process itself, and more. Plus, they each include a detailed resources section and dozens of ideas for doing artwork with kids. Among this entire collection, even one or two simple ideas can ignite your artistic expression making it a truly great value.

151 Uncommon and Amazing Art Studio Secrets

84 pages, black and white

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151 Effective and Extraordinary Art Studio Secrets

110 pages, black and white

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Here is just a sampling of praise for the Art Studio Secrets series: 

“This book was a revelation, even for a seasoned painter like myself.”
“I keep this new found little treasure of a book right on my work table in my artist studio… I know I’ll use it often.”
“I love using my art supplies in creative and unconventional ways and just explore. This book is a great resource for anyone.”
“Constantly busying myself in my studio would still not be enough time to try all the ideas that came to mind after reading Ms Sarnat's secrets. Not a book that will be read and then forgotten. If you need inspiration and knowledge to make it work, read this one.”
“There is something for everyone. I've found several ideas that I'll use and even one new method would have been worth the price of the book.”
“You could take each of the 151 tips and create a challenge for yourself with it... a daily exercise. Well worth the tiny bit of chump change you will spend on it. Buy it. I have a copy on iPad and on my Kindle Fire and both work well.”
“Allowed me to think unconventionally. Open me up to possibilities that I had archived and forgotten. Rather than ‘just do it’; this book tells you to ‘just try it’.”
“This is a small but amazing book with so many helpful ideas. And they work!! Everyone can us helpful hints and this book can make your artistic endeavors easier. This book is a must.”
"I am SO glad I picked up this book! Most of the tips are new to me, and I've been studying mixed media techniques for more than ten years now. (I'm so tired of seeing the same content recycled and repurposed by many of the authors publishing books today.) So this was a pleasant surprise."