With these tips and techniques I hope you‘ll learn new ways to get the results you want in your art.  (These are in PDF format*.) Check out the Art Studio Secrets blog for more ideas.

Easy Image Transfer (227K)

There are many techniques for transferring images to surfaces today. Some require expensive materials, are more involved than I wish to tackle, or offer iffy results. This article shows my favorite technique because it’s simple and the results are almost always satisfying.

Egg Tempera Made Easy (920K)

A centuries-old painting technique is back, but without all the fuss. You don’t need to be a monk to illuminate your artwork with incredible detail and radiant color. Mix it in minutes and paint away!

Faux Encaustics Recipes (893K)

Here are basic recipes for using acrylics to produce the appearance of traditional hot wax encaustics. These recipes will result in an authentic beeswax encaustics look. You can customize the recipes by using your own colors and proportions of mediums and additives. Experiment away, knowing that every acrylic product is compatible with every other.


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